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King Palm - Strawberry Shortcake

King Palm - Strawberry Shortcake

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The King Palms are a tobacco and nicotine free, terpene infused wrap. Their flavouring is made from all-natural essential oils without any chemicals or additives. Pre rolled so you just need to pack it! King Palms are completely biodegradable. Their leaves come from the Cordia tree, which produces an abundance of leaves that are quickly regrown after being picked by farmers. King Palm filter tips are environmentally friendly, too! Made from 100% non-GMO corn husk, the dense fibers create the perfect filter.

A flavour pearl sits inside each filter, and you squeeze the filter until you feel a pop that activates the flavour. If the pearl is not popped, it will taste just like an unflavoured, plain King Palm. 

  • Use a chunky grind, pack firmly, then squeeze and pop the filter tip to activate the terpene infused flavour. Pre-roll remains unflavoured if the flavour pearl isn't popped.
  • Tobacco, nicotine and chemical free. 
  • 2 Packs sold individually
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